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How to link your company in Quickbooks Online to POS App

    To work with the POS App it is necessary to have an Administrator account in Quickbooks Online. In this short article you will learn how to link your company to the application to be able to generate invoices from it.

    Step 1

    the application, on the main screen you will see a button that says “Link Account” tap the button to load the Quickbooks Online login screen.

    Step 2

    Enter your credentials (username and password) and tap on “Sign In” or “Login” to log into Quickbooks.

    Step 3

    If you have more than one company associated with your account, a selector will appear where you must choose which company you are going to link to the application, select it and tap on “Next” or “Next”.

    Step 4

    A confirmation message will appear on your screen indicating that you are about to connect your Quickbooks Online to the POS application, finally tap on “Connect” or “Connect”

    If the link was successful, you will see that now your home screen of the application no longer shows the “Link Account” button. Ready! You can now start creating invoices from your POS application.

    Ready, you have linked your company to the application and you are ready to start billing.

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