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How to install an APK on your Android cell phone

    When you work with mobile apps, you usually use the Playstore to download and install the ones you need.

    But there are other methods, generally used by companies to distribute them privately, either for testing, demonstration or security reasons.

    In this article we explain how you can install the POS App APK on your Android phone without using the Playstore from your Windows computer.

    Step 1

    Transfer the APK to your cell phone. Depending on how the APK has been sent to you, you will have to transfer it to your cell phone. If it was sent to you by email and you have downloaded it to your computer, the easiest thing is to connect the device to the computer through a USB cable and send it to it by right clicking on the file and selecting the option “Send to” from Windows.

    If you have downloaded the APK directly to your cell phone since it was sent to you, you can now go to the next step.

    Step 2

    (only for Android versions prior to 8.0)

    Almente the Android versions when trying to install an APK will ask the user for permissions and if he accepts, the installation proceeds without any problem.

    settings. To do this, open the “Settings” application on your device, go to the “Security” option and activate the “Install from unknown sources” option.

    Step 3

    If you have transferred the file from your computer, you must open the file management application on your cell phone, normally called “My Files”, “File Manager” or “Files” and from there tap on the APK to start its installation.

    Many devices when they download an APK (if you downloaded it directly to your cell phone from where it was sent) start the installation automatically, if not for your cell phone. Then you should search for it with the file application and tap it as mentioned above.

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