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How to configure the POS App on your sellers’ devices

    Step 1

    Open the application and tap on the gear in the upper left to open the application settings.

    Step 2

    Go to advanced options and enable the keyserver.

    Step 3

    Ask your administrator for the ID of the company with which you are going to link the POS App, and write it by tapping on the company ID field.

    Step 4

    Da tap en Authorizar en la parte inferior, con esto estarás enviando una solicitud a tu administrador para vincular la POS App con tu dispositivo.

    Step 5

    The administrator should go to View Devices on the main screen of the token server and authorize your device.

    OPTIONAL: You can send your administrator a screen cut of your configuration, with this you can verify that the received request corresponds to your device.

    Step 6

    Once your device has been authorized, tap on Authorize again, if everything went well you should see the following “Authorized Device” message.

    Ready, you have already managed to configure multiple vendors and you can start billing immediately.

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